Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unique man, unique machine: Marin Dumitrescu and his BMW 328 "Vulcan"

Probably because Romania is not exactly the kind of country which offers an easy life, some of the Romanians felt an irrezistible impulse to break anyhow the local restrictive conditions. During the late 40s, the young Marin Dumitrescu was discharged, as the second world war reached to its end, so he had to find his one way in the troubled romanian civil life. Luckily, the man was quite sure about what he wanted to do, despite his complete lack of material ressources: racing!

Well, before the war. Marin Dumitrescu came from to Bucharest his native village Comani and found a job at the Ford Romania factory. Soon, his abilities as mechanic became obvious. There, he also met for the first time Petre Cristea (Monte Carlo winner of 1936, with Ford V8). And he tried hard to be around all the major local racing events of the thirties. Watching live what were capable of pilots like Hans Stuck or Ernst Henne, that's what made him dreaming...
So, the war started and, later, the war ended. During these tough years, Marin Dumitrescu gained a thick technical experience working and driving military vehicles. Back in Bucharest, he gets involved in the very first post-war racing events. These were a kind of monobrand races, as the competitors were driving military Jeeps. Soon, Marin Dumitrescu proved that a Jeep can be a faster racer than the others, after removing the front transmission, the transfer box and some other heavy parts.

Meanwhile, he managed to get for free the remains of a BMW 328. A significant effort was spent later to fix the car and to find the missing parts as cheap as possible, but in functional status. 

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